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Discussion on: Useful Tips & Tricks In JavaScript

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Kaique Garcia

In the "Check Array" section I think you forgot to put the function in the example...
Am I right? :s

And if you accept a tiny suggestion, please post links to documentations about any function you mentioned. In this case, I'd do like this:

const array = [1, 2, 3];
const object = {"0": 1, "1": 2, "2": 3}
Array.isArray(array); // true
Array.isArray(object); // false
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Array.isArray() Reference

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Animesh Dhanuk Author

Ohh Yes, forgot it 😂 and i got your point will add links to all things to its referance in my future post.

Thanks budday

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Kaique Garcia

Also there's a few typos and erros in other sections too...
Whatever, I know those tips and I must say they're really good.