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Discussion on: The Full Stack Illusion

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100% with you on this one too.

I think today if you would sat with people and ask them what is full stack for them, you would never get the same answer.

For some, it would be a kind of developer that can do anything or can adapt to anything.

For some others, it's would be someone that can handle "every part of a web project to put it on production" (db, git, front, back, sys admin).

Or it could simply be the mighty db/front/back trio.

I really have nothing against managers, but when it comes to hiring for the correct profile, they get loss in this overwhelming mountain of CS concepts and loose the real, bare interest in pure competence.

For me, nobody is better hiring a dev profile than a dev. The manager have to rely closely on his current team, and do interview rotation with some trustful developers to get the true feedback of "do this person will technically fit the team". You can't ask a minister to hire your cooking chef, you have to delegate this responsibilty to the closest person in term of skill.

There is a lesson to extract from your experience, and so thank you for sharing it with the world, because I am afraid tech companies loose this point in favor of sellable profile with non-sense skills like knowing sort algorithm and the regular and boring questions.

To tech HR: challenge your candidate experience like this man on his ThreeJS projects, and challenge the related architecture, think process, and things he learnt! Everybody can learn and adapt, and everybody can bring something new and rich to your company if you dare to search for this in candidates!

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Derek Shanks Author

Thank you! Your thoughts and assessment of my article is awesome.

I am very happy to see that many are understanding my thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses within the full stack role.

As a side note. There are a lot of really bad visual UI projects out there, accessibility problems. I think the full stack interview should be placing more emphasis on visual skill sets and balancing that with the strengths of other team members who may be better at back end related tasks.