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Discussion on: Goodbye Offline Page

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I'm really glad to have your feedback on this subject. I also had a nightmare period with service workers (up to the point one mistake lead to one of my pet app to not be runnable anymore other than going in private browsing mode or to completely empty my cache, something that I knew my potential future users would not always be able to do for reasons).

And so I came to the conclusion Service Worker is like Peter Parker's powers. It puts so much pressure , and not enough benefits to justify this pressure imho. This is why I decided that I would never again use Service Worker other than providing offline backup (meaning I would only use the NetworkFirst strategy), which is the same thing you are deciding over there and I find this interesting.

I'm pretty convinced this technology has a long way to go until finally becoming mature enough to be reliably be considered as mainstream as an ordinary JS framework: easily removable, without any constraints or backfire.

I'm curious to know what other peers owning a Service Worker for their app (other than choosing this technology to deliver a product that could not be delivered without it) think about maintaining this piece 🧐