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I think there is also a misusing issue with both of these technologies. Sometimes I am thinking on a personal app and I ask myself why not using Firebase schema-less, and then the app grows in functionality and I ask myself "crap I should start with an RDBMS" and then flush it down and never think of this idea again. It is kind of frustrating, but in general I know that RDBMS solves a lot of problems, but sometimes you like to just have a simple storage manager like MongoDB, and maybe push it up to your RDBMS for reporting or whatever else. We could use the best of both in my opinion, and in the end, no matter which one you use, if you know the consequences and the pros you will be able to take the best suited technology.


Almost exactly my thoughts. I don't understand the rabid popularity of the MEAN stack. is MongoDB just plain, aggressive marketing, or is there some real substance to it? I've heard of very senior developers who choose MongoDB for every projects unless you can convince them otherwise. Which is great, but I wish I could see the advantages clearly. Hence this post. :)

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