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Discussion on: Sh*tpost: can we stop saying "syntactic sugar"?

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I agree with you Jen in the sense that we might abuse of extraordinary key words to speak about simple things.

When we hear "syntactic sugar", we stop at syntactic and think of something very elaborated, a very mature concept, then moving on sugar we stop again and think "wait what, is it not supposed to be a serious concept? Why sugar? What does it means?".

Developers are some funny species, trying to put a little bit of spices on their life (you got it, spice, sugar,...) to make things more digest I guess.

But again, I think sometimes things are amazingly more obscure than they were meant to be.

One of my favorite new syntactic sugar is the PHP `$_SERVER['REFERER'] ?? $previousPage ?? null;", which means nothing if you are not aware of the null coalesce operator. Can't wait to see it in Javascript!