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I'm convinced the future is made of reworking our computer-to-human relationship. Ultimately, we will deal with an assistant (Jarvis), so you might want to invest in some technology like Heek, the chatbot that build a website by chatting with you. (Human) manual programming is dead in 40-60 years imo #elonMuskStyleBet.


I think chatbots are actually a thing in the sense that they are not told to do more than we teach them.

However, intelligent (or, more like comprehensive) artificial assistants can build the next centuries as our fast, efficient, and effortless way to access and manipulate data. Imagine you can book an appointment for your daughter horse class while you ask your assistant to bring your tesla in front of your job location in 30mins and it figures out depending the real time traffic at which time to go after having charged enough to bring you to this dinner it booked for you because he remembers your wife's birthday (gone too far on this one 😂) you got the idea! I trust this is where we are going, maybe not in the next 30 years...


It was expected to happen somewhere around 2000 year. But didn't. :D

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