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I found the Huawei P30 to be a very good quality/price compromise. IMO one of the best in its mid tiers category. Large storage, great specs, photos with the Leica lenses are sublime.

My second choice would be the Samsung A50. If you do not care of photos, for a little bit less dollars you can reach similar (or equal, and even more for some aspects) quality than the P30. Again, amazing quality/price ratio here.


Had to look the Huawei P30 up. That camera sounds like 🔥!

I've had some poor experiences with the lower-tier Samsung phones (sub-par UI and they felt cheaply made, and some other stuff). Does the A50 still feel like a quality smart phone?


I only bought the P30 for my wife so I could not tell if the A50 is worthy, If I were on the shop with you and you hesitate between both, I would definitively advice the P30 ✌️😁

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