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Suitable for progressive web apps or single page applications, Vue is based on the MVVM pattern to let you built fast user experiences. One of the key aspects that interest the most is the 2 way data binding that open the possibilities to offer great real time capability while keeping the user engaged and not disturbing its navigation.

Here is for me what distinguish Vue from its concurrents:

  • makes 2 way data binding very easy to use
  • first class add-ons (VueRouter, Vuex, Chrome VueDevTools...)
  • low barrier entry (usable using a simple CDN link, makes easy to switch to advanced concepts)
  • easy to scale with (reusable components, SFC if you use a bundle like Webpack)
  • very active community (Vuei18n, Vuetify, Vue Native, ...)

Review totally not biased by the fact that this is my go to tool for building front end web app 🙄

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