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re: Saint-Petersburg, Ru The wet snow or the snowy rain) That looks like rain and snow are going together. Not without surprises like rainy weather all...

Went to St Petersburg last year in end of January, one of my best memories so far, such a beauty in winter ❤️


Yes, sometimes, but after six years in Saint-Petersburg, in winter, I prefer to stay at home as well as possible. When there's a lot of snow everywhere, it looks so beautiful, but the weather is so cold. Of course, it's not for everyone, I had a roommate from Yakutia, and he thought the temp -20 is fine for everyday walks, but no me.

Up to -20C maybe -25C, it is tolerable to go outside in Montreal after that, not really. When it hits -40C, you can’t even cry because your tears are frozen. 😂

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