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Developing An Engaging And Profitable Mobile Game

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Recently we have seen a lot of traction in the mobile gaming industry. Many gaming start-ups have arisen with lot of engaging and successful games. In our article today, let’s see how realistic it is to make an engaging and profitable mobile game, and talk about the Cross Platform Mobile App And Game Development trends in the market to successfully launch a game project.

What A Profitable Mobile Game?
Usually a profitable mobile game is also successful offering interesting and engaging features, UI, gameplay etc. Let’s look at some of the important characteristics of making an engaging and profitable mobile game.

• Stunning Design: Attractive and overwhelming graphics are the first thing the user observes in the game. Hence, it is important to a differentiating and impactful icons and themes designed in the game which stands out your mobile game among millions of others.

• Engaging Gameplay And Semantic Content: It’s difficult to attract a user, and it’s even difficult to retain the user. Higher the customer base and longer the customer retention ensures a successful, profitable and high-ranking game. Hence, engaging gameplay and creative strategies are very important elements for any game. To ensure the longevity of the game, it’s vital to keep it updated by adding new interesting features, running special promotions, bonuses, events, tournaments etc. This entices the users again and again to return to the game. An experienced Mobile App Development Company will help you design and develop a mobile game which is differentiating and gives wing to your game idea.

• User-Friendly And Intuitive Interface: A very important and success defining factor of any game is the ease of use. A simple and user-friendly interface helps to understand the game faster, more enjoyable and increase and retention of users.

• Technical Equipment: No user will like a game that is laggy, buggy and confusing. Hence, it is very important to have the technical support available not just during the Android or iOS App And Game Development phases, but even after the game is launched.

Different Types Of Game Genre
With the availability superior smartphone hardware specs, it is possible now to play all genre of games on a smartphone with almost similar experience unlike earlier when only limited genre of games could be played on mobile and others were available only on consoles or PC’s. Listed below are few of the gaming genres:

  1. Eternal Runner or Runner

The theme and gameplay of such category of games is continuous struggle of the in-game character with obstacles. Very important element of such kind of iOS or Android App And Game Development are excellent touch support, super quick response time and gradual increase in the difficulty level. Such kind of games offer lot of opportunity to compete, beat and create new records and stand high in the leader boards. Some of the successful games in this genre are Temple Run, Subway Surfer, and Sonic Dash.

  1. Arcade

These are very simple casual games which require one time tap at a time to perform the action. Such kind of games give a lot of liberty to the game designer to let their creative idea fly. Some of the successful games in this genre are Angry Birds, Tiny Wings, and Piano Tiles.

  1. Racing

Such category of games fulfills your dream of driving elite car brands at some enthralling location and engage in the cars race which is not possible in the real world. Player love their beautiful and powerful customize cars. Some of the successful games in this genre are Asphalt and Need for Speed.

  1. Role Playing Games (RPG)

Games belonging to this genre allows user to assume a character in the game and perform the required tasks and actions. There are multiple hybrid categories of RPG games. Star Wars, Final Fantasy, and Titan Quest are some of the successful games in this genre.

  1. Reflexes Games

Tasks in such category of games are performed by the ability of the user to respond quickly as these actions need to be performed instantly. Core and important element of such genre of games depends on the user reflexes, so the faster you click the competent you are. Street Fighter and King of Fighters are some of the popular games in this genre.


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