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How to Make your Termux in a Profficinal Penetration TOOL

khileshsidar profile image Khilesh Sidar ・1 min read

Hello guys...

Welcome to the world of cyber security.

Today's artical I will tell about who to convert your termux app in a profficinal penetration tool so friends let's know about the world of cyber security .

So First of all use in your termux app If you have to install T-LOAD, then let's understand its process step by step.

• what is T-load

T-LOAD is a tool that helps your Termux app to change a profficinal penetration tool .To install it in your termux's app, the command given below will have to be inserted in your termux's app, then it has to be installed, then the process of its installation will start. Will turn into an app, so let's install this tool.

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