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I am afraid to take job/internship interview

khmaies5 profile image Khmaies Hassen github logo ・1 min read  

I am a student developer, I worked on many self/school projects and I did pretty good in them, but I am afraid to take job/internship interview due to my bad memory and not being able to use Google or my drafts to answer their questions what should I do?

P.S. i am near my final year now and i didn't make any internship.

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You should probably started to trust yourself! As you said, you did pretty good, why an interview won't be as good?
It's not a test or questions about the unknown, it will be about you and your skills (and I kind of hope you can remember them)

If it's about speaking to someone about dev or structure a speech, the best choice I did for this was volunteering in tech meetings and also organize some little speeches by myself in class or in my company. Explaining a subject can lead you to work more on your presentstion, the way you explain things and make it clear for everyone.

Good luck buddy!

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