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Discussion on: Kotlin vs. Java – What’ll Define Android App Development’s Future?

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Karl Heinz Marbaise

Some points on the post:

Java’s runtime is slower and requires more memory when compared to other programming languages.
First compared to which programming languages in which circumstances? And where is the comparison to Kotlin?

Unlike Kotlin, Java’s limitations can increase errors in the application with the Android API design.

First which limitations? Related to API Design?

Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java, which makes it an obvious choice for enterprises, which have a vast Java codebase to work with.

If you have large code based in Java you will never change the programming language and Kotlin might not be the obvious choice here... there are other alternatives

Furthermore I've already commented on other posts related to Kotlin... with more or less the same table. Just copying and pasting this table which contains so many issues...

This table is simply wrong in many aspects.

  • Static members for classes? Simply wrong.
  • Cross platform? Java runs on all platforms which have a VM running... and there are a lot platforms where you can run Java based on the VM..
  • Run time speed? Compared to what?
  • Type Inference?
  • Compilation (as already mentioned by others) both is being compiled into ByteCode which runs on a VM..
  • Threads? In Java you can simply write XYZList.parallelStream().. (Java 8+) Also via ExecutorService since Java 7 (a little bit more inconvenient) ...
  • Extension functions are more or less the same concept as in Go but in Java you can add methods via default methods on interfaces ... yes you have to have an interface first ... but usually you have already.
  • Functional programming? In Java since JDK8+ (since 2014!) existing and working very good...