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Discussion on: How is Deno coming along?

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Zane Milakovic • Edited

I see some things about deno vs node, but they are fairly wrong. Basically because node has a lot of large gaps that by definition can’t be closed. While deno solves those.

I have been using it since February everyday. It is wonderful. No need for a package manager. The industry has created immutable modules so they can never be removed. Can’t say the same about NPM.

A lot of tooling is actually done in Rust instead of Javascript. This is transparent to the user, but makes it so things like formatting or lint it are blazing fast. That being said they have some work to do, since they are basically recreating prettier and eslint. But the community is well on its way.

The best thing I can day is this.

  1. I don’t have to use a package manager, it just works. This is amazing with dynamic imports.

  2. No need to setup tools or download a boilerplate. It just works and comes with what I need.

  3. The module repository is really a proxy with added immutability. It is really nice. Forced to tag modules which solves some minor dependency issues with NPM. For example a lock file is optional if all sources come from a repository with immutability. And it’s optional, you can get package from MANY places.

  4. Because most people use deno fmt and deno lint, code is super easy to read across projects. Conventions are nice.

  5. First party support for WAM.

  6. First party zero tooling typescript.

  7. Coming soon is rust plugins so you can run native code with custom bindings to deno.

  8. The community is one of the best. Only second to vue in my honest opinion. Core team is amazing. Super helpful.

  9. Many node packages just work through unpkg, pika, skypack. Though not as ideal as a real deno mod.

Basically the node vs deno thing is kinda BS. They both run on v8. The difference is in resolution of files, the baked in Dev experience, package management.

Deno also has a more stable runtime in the sense that requests perform more consistent than node. Responses from a app through deno and the same app in node is very interesting. I run benchmarks of 10,000 times, and you will get a dozen outliers and everything else will fall into the same time. Node on the other hand will be all over the place.

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K • Edited

This seems to be the only valuable comment here. Thanks!

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Michael Gale

Comments are now immutable. :P