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Discussion on: The moment I accepted that my lifelong aspiration was not my passion

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Zane Milakovic

Good for you.

I had something similar. I have been building websites since the mid nineties. But I never thought I could get paid for it. At the time you would see “webmasters” selling sites for 100 dollars a page. Geocities was novel and new.

I got into it, because I wanted to make video games. Fast forward a few years and I was in school to do just that, after being persuaded to not do it.

A few years later, and I was one of three people from my graduating class to get a design role. Most ended up in QA or drove truck.

A few years later, and I realized just how abusive and under paid that field is.

Good thing I never stopped building for the web. It’s funny that I have one and a half masters degrees, enough undergraduate credits, and I am being paid to do the thing I self taught myself when I was 13 before Google was a thing.

All the twists and turns, and all we can do is hope we get to the good stuff before the road runs out.

Good on you. Thank you for sharing! 🙏