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15 Top Paying IT Certifications In 2021

kiarasmith profile image Kiara Smith ・3 min read

Google Certified Specialist Cloud Engineer is the highest-paying qualification for the second year in a row, paying a typical salary of $175,761.

Virtualization and cloud computing certifications pay an ordinary salary of $136,659 in 2021, enhancing over last year's typical wage of $127,494 in 2019.

3 of the top 15 highest paying certifications of 2021 are for cybersecurity competence, paying an ordinary salary of $145,518.

Project Management Professional (PMP ®) accreditations have skyrocketed in value between 2018 to today, jumping 25% from a typical salary of $114,473 in 2018 to $143,493 in 2021.

Key insights on the 15 top paying IT certifications in 2021 consist of the following:

Ordinary salary across all IT Certifications is $136,185 for 2021. Virtualization as well as cloud computing certifications pay a typical wage of $136,659 in 2021, rising over in 2015's ordinary wage of $127,494 in 2019. The 4 cybersecurity certifications pay an ordinary annual salary of $142,208. Network certifications pay a typical salary of $122,221. Google Qualified Expert Cloud Engineer, AWS Certified Solutions Designer-- Affiliate, CISM - Certified Information Security Supervisor, CRISC - Qualified in Danger and also Info Solution Control, PMI ® Job Monitoring Expert, and also CISSP - Licensed Info Equipment Safety And Security Professional all have wages above the mean of $136,185.

Microsoft Qualified Azure Basics an Azure Manager Associate accreditations are on the 15 top-paying IT Certifications for the very first time this year, paying a typical income of $126,323. Azure Basics is the first step on the path to Microsoft's role-based certifications and also offers foundational knowledge concerning basic cloud ideas and solutions. Core Azure services, like protection, personal privacy, conformity and depend on, are covered. This qualification is targeted specifically for specialists with non-technical experience. The Azure Manager Partner accreditation verifies the skills essential to be effective in the function of Azure cloud administrator. It is one of Microsoft's role-based certifications, which suggests it aligns straight with in-demand job roles. 21.4% of Microsoft-certified experts plan to make this qualification, making it the most pursued of all Microsoft Certifications in 2021.

Both highest-paying AWS Certifications in 2021 have an ordinary salary of $140,456 which is $14,865 more than the typical annual wage of the five highest-paying AWS qualifications of 2018 of $125,591. 3 out of every 4 cloud designers have gained among the top two qualifications on this checklist-- and also 28% have both. AWS Solutions Designer lifts two spots from 2019 and also proves once again that it is just one of the most prominent as well as financially rewarding cloud qualifications in IT. Please see the International Expertise article, What It Takes To Make a Top-Paying AWS Certification for added details.

The adhering to table supplies a breakout of the top 15 IT qualifications in 2021 according to Global Knowledge's newest study published.

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