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I would also add this excerpt from this post:

This rule stems from a slight misunderstanding of the DRY principle. DRY is a principle that aims for a Single Source of Truth within a project. DRY is about not repeating Yourself, it is not about completely avoiding repetition.

If you manually type a declaration 50 times in a project, you are repeating yourself: this is not DRY. If you can generate that declaration 50 times without having to manually repeat it, this is DRY: you are generating repetition without actually repeating yourself. This is quite a subtle but important distinction to be aware of. Repetition in a compiled system is not a bad thing: repetition in source is a bad thing.

The Single Source of Truth means that we can store the source of a repeated construct in one place and recycle and reuse it without ever actually duplicating it. Sure, a system might repeat it for us, but its source only ever exists once. This means we can change it once and that change will propagate everywhere; that there will be no duplication of that construct in our source code; that there is a Single Source of Truth. This is what we mean when we talk about DRY.

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