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Discussion on: Discussion - Is Covid Impacting Developers Life?

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Slick Kilmister

Bold of you to assume I wasn't an isolated dev-goblin already, code-crafting away in my poorly lit layer before the pandemic started.

Long story short: I desperately need a good night out and some extravagant socializing, but other than that, the changes have mostly been superficial.

Having been working from home on my own clock already, my routine fit nicely into life during the pandemic. What is nice is how the rest of the world suddenly was really eager to cater to people with this lifestyle. A lot of stuff became more convenient for people like me over the past year, and I'm quite happy about that. "Distractions" by pre-pandemic social-life have also become more scarce, and it does feel like I've become a more focused and creative developer because of that.

Not having to pay as much mind to social things, I can fully immerse myself in even obscure topics and disciplines with minimal distractions. And this is reflecting on my approaches to solve coding problems. This can be in some practical fashion.
Like my (still ongoing) deep-dive into bottom-up-parsing, or my crash-course of the Haskell programing language and it's functional allies.
Or in more abstract ways like through insights I gained while exploring esoteric languages like Brainfuck or when studying topics like ternary computing or alternative number representation systems.

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