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Bootcamp week 2: JavaScript for breakfast, lunch and dinner 🍪

Hey everybody, how was your week ? 👋

Mine was great! As you can guess, I finished the second week of my coding bootcamp and I really enjoyed.

I am getting the hang of it so much that I decided to wake up earlier in order to spend more time working on my coding skills every day !

What did we do ?

Title is explicit enough, isn't it?

Alt Text

We were introduced to JavaScript and from Monday to Friday we did not do anything else.

From variables, functions, data structures to conditional statements, loops and DOM. That was a lot of information to assimilate in such a short period of time.

Usually we have to walk through the theory by ourselves in the morning, then after lunch, we have a workshop that let us the opportunity to practice.

We are supposed to solve exercises alone but the instructor is never far away if we end up being stuck.

Oh and it might be worth saying that I signed up to CodeWars and I am completely addicted now 😅

What did I learn ?

At this point, I am still feeling comfortable since I worked with JavaScript before, so I decided to go deeper !

As my instructor suggested, the first topic I worked on was Git Workflows and I wrote a little post to explain what I learned.

Thereafter, I had to gather knowledge about Cron Job, AWS and ssh to achieve a very simple side project. I won't tell much about now because I will publish a dedicated post in a couple of days.

Finally, I tried TDD (Test Driven Development) for the first time. I already wrote something like 30-40 dummy tests and looking forward to learning about Jest and enzyme libraries.

What next ?

I can't wait to start our very first group project on Tuesday ! Most of the projects I worked on so far, I was alone ...

The idea of working as a team motivates me so much 🔥

Thank you for reading, see you next week !

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