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Bootcamp week 3 & 4: Project for a real startup 🤯

Hey everyone ! How are you doing ?

I just finished the 4th week of my coding bootcamp and it is time for a quick recap.

Days are getting longer and topics are more and more advanced, but I am still really motivated 🔥

What did we do ?

Those two last week were very intense and so interesting! We had the chance to work with a very young startup that offered us to build a landing page for their website.

Tech it easy is a brand-new media located in Bruxelles that aims to share news and tutorials for anyone interested in IT.

We worked as groups of 3 for two weeks in order to present a landing page that they would be susceptible to deploy and improve their online visibility.

That was challenging for me to work with other people for the first time but I enjoyed myself a lot.

Beside the project, we had workshops and exercises to do to improve our JavaScript knowledge and I spend some of my spare time writing for my blog.

Finally, on Friday we had to showcase our work. Customers were really happy with what we did, and they offered us Pizza & drinks 🍕.
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What did I learn ?

The most important thing I learned this week is team work. It is not an easy task to organize a proper workflow, make sure everybody follows naming conventions, etc....

As always, since I had previous knowledge before enrolling in the bootcamp, I am still confident with my current JavaScript level and I spend as much time as I can to go deeper.

I dived in bundling tools such as ParcelJS and Webpack and managed to build my custom react workflow that supports SASS and TypeScript.

Something I also learned about is the TDD approach, I wrote my first Units and integration test with Jest & Enzyme. If possible, I would like to implement tests in my future projects.

Finally, I started using TypeScript. For some reason it was a little of a scary topic for me but it is easier to get into than I thought, and I am looking forward to diving deeper in.

What next ?

We are supposed to start learning React on Monday, I am really excited to improve and practice all the knowledge I gathered so far.

Thank you for reading and see you next week!

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