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How to Get Certified as a Data Scientist

If you are early in your journey to becoming a Data Scientist, an interesting option is to earn certification by DataCamp, and this guide offers tips that will help beginners complete the challenges

The world of data science is still new as compared to other software-related fields, and it doesn’t have a gold standard on what skills you need to acquire to be called a professional data scientist. This is where DataCamp certification comes in to access your knowledge and skills. Just like in the world of computer networks, the Cisco certification is a gold standard. Similarly, DataCamp is accessing an individual’s skills by conducting various challenges.

During the Certificate Challenge, I was a professional data scientist working with various companies on various projects. Initially, I thought it was a piece of cake for me, but in reality, it was challenging, and I had to give my 100 percent to clear all the stages. The certification challenges are designed to filter out 90 percent of candidates and award only a few individuals with specialized skills. In this guide, we are going to learn each step in detail, and I will give you tips and tricks to pass all the stages.

After clearing all the stages, you will receive a certificate, as shown below, and it’s all worth it.

Abid certification

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