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At some point I felt like reading about myself, but at some point I felt I'm going in the wrong direction.
It was first mIRC (not so much the chatting), then I made some servers, networks, I was also writing some html codes in Notepad, then some flash in Dreamweaver, very exciting stuff for me... But then I felt I'm going too much into it, I was sleeping on the keyboard, forgot to speak with people, I felt like I was not living in the outside world... maybe I sound weird, but that's what I felt at that point.
Sometimes I feel sorry that I didn't continued with programming - I had the passion... But I guess it was all because of the surrounding.
Then I got into Photography and it was a great passion. It was like escaping the virtual world and going back to the real one. Now I'm also into Graphic Design - again with computers, but some kind of balancing it all...
I know I may sound stupid, but when I read your story I feel very close to it.
It's a great story after all and congrats on your achievements!
Good luck and have a great inspiration! Cheers


Hey Kiril, your story sounds very much like mine. I also do love photography but only as a hobbie

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