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Discussion on: Q: What is your salary expectation? A: I don't have one, make me an offer!

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Personally I enjoy interviewing. The salary question ALWAYS comes up, it has to. There is no shame in asking ‘whats the salary band/range for this position?’. If it becomes a game of chicken with ‘you first!’. Then use the research that you’ve ALREADY DONE and state ‘well what you’r asking for and market rate indicates to me a range of $X-$XX.’ If you have discovered that the range is $85-$95 but they will only go to $78? Do you really wanna work there?

But i need a job NOW!! I got bills to pay!! I get it, my @ss has been there too. But by God you create that 3-6 month rainy day fund and never put yourself in this situation again.