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Discussion on: What are your biggest frustrations in the hiring process?

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I've gotten to the point, after the 2nd 'Give me the definition of {{concept}}' question (or even 'What is difference between {{x}} and {{y}}'), I usually ask 'Um.. so this is position is for {{X}}, wouldn't you rather be interested in how I solve problems?' Honestly, a company asking me to regurgitate definitions isn't really telling me anything about what I will be doing. Now, if I get asked 'What is a delegate?'. I will answer 'A way to pass a function as a parameter' and follow up with 'Can you tell me when you've had to use this in this current role? Wouldn't {{other option}} be better? Or 'What if I tried to check in {{other option}}?'

Like you said, 'How well do they react to something different?' If they have no time for questions, red flag. If they can't prove with tangible data why their way is better, red flag. 'Because I said so' or 'That's the way we've always done it' are red flags.