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re: If the interviewees can look up the answers, you're asking them the wrong questions. As for coding challenges, they should be free to do the work...

yeah! this was totally in regard to coding challenges, any type of whiteboarding, etc. I'm more a fan of behavioral style interviews like the STAR interviewing method.


Seriously? How many times at day do you write real code without using Google.

Plenty of times is not the same than never, then an interview should simulate plenty of times rather than never


I haven't had any management training, but my preferred ways to ask questions (especially in a paired coding session) is to frame everything in a way that makes it comfortable for them to say they don't know something, or don't know how to do something.

We tend to feel more off about a candidate if they look like they are pretending they know something, which really sucks when they totally know it, but are getting into their own head.

My favorite interview experiences always are the ones where they say they are stuck/or they don't know, and a little nudge helps them find their way.

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