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Discussion on: PHP vs Node.js

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Kyle Mistele

Great article! Couple thoughts on this -
The “hello world” comparison isn’t quite fair, since for PHP you’re assuming you have a static file server like Apache installed and configured to actually serve the PHP file. The node code creates a server and serves the response, so the two aren’t quite analogous. PHP can also create a lot of security problems if it’s not used right - things like file includes and SQL query generation can go really wrong really easily if not done right.

I’m probably a bit biased though - I’m definitely more of a Node.js fan.

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No, he is not assuming any kind of complex apache configuration for that hello world code. PHP has its own built-in server. Its just a simple command "php -S localhost:8000" and thats it. Simple!

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Tanmay Das

Which is simpler than that of NodeJS ;-)

const http = require('http');

const requestListener = ...

const server = http.createServer(requestListener);

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Ajay Yadav

Php requires apache to run, and node also requires nodejs pre-installed....

I can see your jealousy level 😜

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Carlos Campos

php -S localhost:8000 -t out/

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Nicolas Torres

PHP does not require Apache to run. You can execute scripts in command line the same way than Node.js.

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Kyle Mistele

True, you can definitely install just an executable