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6 Best Online Platforms to Find Outsourcing Companies In 2021

Alex Knight
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Sometimes with software development outsourcing projects, everything seems fine at the start but then you have to drop the project halfway because the freelance company was actually a fraud posing as a company. Or the deadline has reached but the project hasn’t completed yet. And sometimes when you are just scrolling through LinkedIn, you find a well-funded and dedicated company in the comments of a post.  

But business doesn’t run on chance or social media feed.

Since the awareness about automation and the benefits of technical solutions for enterprises, many big and small businesses eagerly want to optimize their business process through custom software development. The outsourcing industry has been growing at a rapid pace and is expected to reach an all-time of $135.5bn in the US in 2021. 

The major glitch in hiring offshore companies is that everything is online. No personal meetings, no assessment of physical office or number of actual employees. This is where clients lose a lot of money to frauds. It is very easy to lie online.

A simple solution to such problems is freelancing platforms. These online platforms are built to help employers find the best outsourcing company for their dream projects.

1. Freelancer

Freelancer is among the oldest platform for freelancing. It works both ways. If you want you can post your software development requirement as a project where hundreds of freelancers from across the world bid on. Or you can invite freelancers to bid on your project.

The payment is released as per the project milestones. Once an agency or freelancer is hired, project milestones have to be created. The payment is made when the milestones are achieved.

The pricing structure on Freelancer to post jobs varies according to the type of project. There is a refundable $5 fee for posting simple projects. Although the price goes up for featured and full-time projects.

Freelancer is ideal for small jobs and one time projects. It is best for small businesses trying out outsourcing for the first time.

2. Upwork

Upwork is one of the largest freelancing platforms with over 2 million top skilled professionals in 100s of categories. It can be a valuable platform to search for both big and small software development agencies. Upwork is the perfect platform for savvy business and top freelancers to find each other, connect and collaborate.

The work diary software of Upwork has the added advantage of tracking what every team member is working on. The software tracks the activity on a PC (both keyboard and mouse), take timely screenshots of the freelancer’s computer screen to make the remote team more accountable.

You can post your requirement and the website matches the top freelancers in that field with the project. You can also search for other offshore agencies on the site. The freelance agencies can also see your job requirement and send their proposals.

The payment is according to the job completed or the working hours.

Upwork is best if you are looking for an offshore development company to pay by the hour.

3. Toptal

It is a global remote company that hires only the top 3% of expert freelancers in their fields. Software engineers, designers, product and project managers, and finance experts.

The elusive freelancing platform picks the best talent for your job. The freelancers can’t apply for the project directly.

Toptal key KPI is the quality of work they deliver to top companies and startups, and thus it is a bit expensive than the rest of the platforms. Even before posting a project requirement, the companies have to pay a mandatory deposit of $500 before the platform starts recommending freelancers.

Choose Toptal if you don’t want to assess the freelance agencies and individuals by yourself. Their rigorous screening process makes sure that the best people from the world works for your project.

4. Guru 

Guru has over 3 million trusted users worldwide. As the company claims, Guru is the best solution to get jobs done faster at a minimal price. They have the lowest industry rates in many categories including programming and development, education, writing, design, art, legal and more.

The payment methods are very flexible and safe. One can pay in recurring payments, when the work is completed, by the hour spent or task milestones as per your business needs.

As more US-based freelancers work on Guru. It is most suited if you want to work with a US-based freelancer than other parts of the globe.

5. Gigster

Gigster is a dedicated freelancer platform for software programmers and developers. If you want to build a world-class team for custom software development in fairly less time, Gigster is the platform to start with. 

Within minutes of posting a project, you can start chatting with the developers (matched according to the requirements posted). This will decide how much time it will take to complete the project and the price. The developers will send the proposal with details through email later. 

Gagster has served fortune 500 companies and big tech brands like Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, etc. with the latest technologies. So even the freelance agencies on Gigster can be trusted to pull off highly complex software development projects in less time. 

6. Supersourcing

Ranked as the 5th best outsourcing platform by G2 Crowd, Supersourcing is the exclusive platform to find software development agencies. Their carefully designed process makes posting a job on Supersourcing a minutes affair. The website instantly matches the best software development agencies and make a recommendation. After shortlisting the agencies, clients start receiving proposals within 24 hours.

E-commerce, food, finance, healthcare, education and travel are the most served industries of the platform.

Supersourcing is the ideal platform for businesses and companies searching for faster software development with project management support.

Can’t Be Left out Mention 


Yes we know, it is a social media platform. But it is a social media platform where the professional life and achievements of individuals and companies live.

If you want to know about a company and its employees, there is no better place to look than LinkedIn while on the internet. Well detailed profiles with experience, the recommendation from earlier clients and collogues, education, certificates, courses and more assessment credentials are all present.

With a simple search, you can get top professionals and freelancers of any field. And verification might not be an issue either. There are so many KPIs for a profile, if you find even one of them to be not genuine, then just move on to the next one.

You can also see if the freelancers and companies are followed by other people in their industry. And whether or not are they established as an industry leader.

Outsourcing is quickly becoming the mainstream norm for most jobs in the world. The major problem still remains that the client ends up with companies or freelancers who leave the project halfway. To assess the competencies of a freelance company or client, outsourcing platforms provide great support. Try them out today!

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