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WordPress – Still The Best CMS For Business Websites in 2021

Alex Knight
・4 min read

Who would have thought that a platform that started out as a blogging medium will blossom in such a multi-faceted fashion? Wordpress development is a success story in itself. With increase in the functionality of the platform, we can easily formulate a website of any genre conveniently. Being open source software, you can put it to use without having to pay an additional sum. The features of the platform are reserved with you without any validity date, which makes it intriguing. Currently, around 41.1% of all websites make use of WordPress as their Content Management System (CMS), which is a huge percentage to begin with.

However, there are new CMS platforms popping up every now and then. These do confuse business owners as to what is the best for them. Irrespective of such varied options to choose from, WordPress has maintained its position even in 2021. Let’s see what 41.1% businesses see in this platform and why WordPress development services are the best for CMS in 2021.

  • Search Engine Optimization Tools: If you have ever owned a website or have some knowledge in the field, you would know that the website traffic is regulated through SEO. Optimization for engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc, helps your web page rank higher on the search engines. This increases traffic on your website organically.

While you might have to otherwise use different tools for optimizing your content, with WordPress there are some in-built SEO tools. Following are the areas in which these tools operate and make the content relevant for ranking-

  • Permanent Links: When you work with a WordPress development company, you will get to know that you get the option to customize permanent links depending upon keywords apt for the content.

  • Content Formulation: As WordPress started out as a blogging platform, the platform is quite user-friendly for varied content forms, be it blogging, news constructs, media creation, etc.

  • HTML MarkUp: HTML MarkUps are used to ease out the understanding process of content and website layout for search engines. WordPress with its latest HTML5 themes increases the precision of the process.

  • Optimized Images: Images form an integral part of your website and its appearance. WordPress, with its in-built editor lets you optimize images with addition of alt tags, descriptions, captions, and trimming.

  • Easily Customizable
    What makes WordPress distinguishable from other platforms is that you can easily customize your website as per the need without being a trained developer. This is possible with the faculty of plugins, themes, and tools that WordPress inherently offers. What is even more compelling is that WordPress constantly rolls out updates that you can easily incorporate in your already functional website.

  • Themes/Plugins: WordPress has a faculty of numerous in-built themes that make it possible for you to make your website look like your vision. These themes can be segregated based on the specific category you wish to opt for. For instance, you want a theme that is appropriate for a business or a blog, so you can choose the relevant category and the options will pop up.

In a similar vein, WordPress also has a number of plugins for elevated functionality like Google Analytics, Google XML, Jetpack, WooCommerce, etc. Your WordPress development company can enable or disable these plugins any time as per the responsiveness of the website.

  • Free and Paid Themes/Plugins: While there are a plethora of free theme and plugin options to explore from, you can also access the paid or premium version of themes and plugins. The basic difference between the two is that the premium version offers better customer support, increased security, and higher compatibility. If you hire a WordPress developer, you can get the benefit of premium components as they do have access to exclusive features.

  • Higher Security: If you hire WordPress development services, you would not want them to design a website that is prone to hacking. Irrespective of the huge user base of WordPress, they do not compromise on the security front and constantly release security updates.

To ensure safety from your front, use only those themes and plugins that you trust. In addition, constantly update to the latest WordPress version to minimize threats.

  • Easy Integration: When you get a WordPress development company on board, you can have different purposes for your website. Either it is for increasing sales or promoting the brand or showcasing your work. Irrespective of the purpose, you are likely to use some other networks like analytics, social media, email, etc. for incorporating a holistic approach.

With WordPress, the integration of different software tools is like a cake walk.

  • Optimization for Mobile: The usage of mobile and tabs is much more profound than other devices like laptops and PCs. Even so, most businesses do not focus on building a website that is mobile responsive. The result is a website that lags and leads who do not get converted to customers.

However, if you hire a WordPress developer, you will face no such issue. All you have to do is opt for a responsive WordPress theme and the site design and image scaling will be taken care of. The best part is that all this does not require any additional coding.

A fun fact is that Google takes into account mobile experience ranking websites, hence making it a worthy factor to ponder over.

  • The Ever Growing WordPress Community: As per the stats published by W3techs, 64.9% websites with known Content Management System (CMS) are using WordPress. This percentage in itself reveals the growing nature of WordPress and how it will continue to surge higher. WordPress is also not leaving any stone unturned with addition of SEO tools, UI updates, and functional dashboard to make the platform better than ever.

That advocates for why people are still looking to hire WordPress developers and will continue to drift towards it in the future.

Wrapping Up

WordPress has always been a show stealer since the time it has started out. Especially when it comes to CMS for business websites, the features it offers are unique and functional for people without a development background. The easy to use plugins/themes, SEO tools, mobile optimization, security, etc. make it a wholesome platform. Hence, it will still be the best bet in 2021. 

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