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I’ve never heard of these long acronyms before (I’ve heard of NIH) but I’m not surprised they’re out there. Very interesting similarity they show; it really is like the Duck and Rabbit analogy that you pointed out. Thanks for the long acronym pronouciation hints by the way; I had been scratching my head wondering how to say them.

TAMESFA sounds like a good one as it does cover the common ground between the Tim Toady and Too Toady camps. I guess it won’t work in a time restricted situation (e.g. hackathons, coding competitions), but would be lovely in a not as timed constricted environment. I’m not sure how to pronounce it though.


How about "tame-es-fa"?

I agree, how elegant you can actually make the code is time-dependent, but that's a whole other topic of discussion and debate, to be sure!

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