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re: I've been using a Chromebook for two years and it's all I've ever needed. infoq.com/articles/cloud-based-dev...

Thanks for this article! Was not aware of gitpod - really smooth. (In the middle of 3 months test / POC , trying to only use a chromebook as main driver. Was using the Linux vm/container, but was looking for how do I completely avoid that.


Good to hear it was useful. It's worth spending a moment to configure your .gitpod.yml config file to make the experience seamless. Things like port settings, custom Docker image, automatically preparing environments for PRs etc.

Also, you can use mikenikles as a coupon code to get 30% off for three months if you decide to continue using it.

Lastly, you can reach me via DM on Twitter if you want to discuss anything re: Gitpod.

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