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Hello world!

This is Koch, from Mali studying in NYC.
I have been teaching myself Android development ( Android SDK and Kotlin) for the past 3-4 months.
Had no programming experience beside knowing some basic JavaScript.

Learning Kotlin has been fun and exciting so far. Still a long a way to go, but I feel very positive about it.
I recently read somewhere that in order to learn to code, the best way is to build an app that solves a personal problem.

I have found an issue that's been bugging me and I couldn't find any app that solves it. I understand what I need to do as I broke down the problem.
Then I had no clue how to implement my idea into code or a data set. When I googled "coding problem-solving concept", you guessed it ? I saw an article from Ali about beginner not understanding the different concept of implementing solution to their problems.. anyway, took a lil tour around the website, and felt like home. SIGNED UP!

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