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I really love all OSes. Used Windows for ages because work. Used Mac and Linux at home. Can pretty much do anything on any OS.

Here's what I hate about Win10. While we all got used the simplicity of the control panel, they've decided to add all the new gui. Now you have duplicated gui for everything is quite confusing. Want to remove a program, search gives you the new gui, really wish they could let you choose instead of making layers upon layers. I don't care much about the Windows Store, I'd much rather use package managers. I really just got so used to win7 (decades using it), win10 did an awful job of keeping a consistent gui, but hey glad they kept a start menu on this one. (Win8 joke).

Regarding installs on 20.04 vs 18.04 that's not the OS fault they removed outdated/vulnerable packages from 20.04 repos. Package and application owners should be recompiling with latest dependencies. Even on Win10 this is a thing developers often have to change their exes to work from win7 to win10. Some even have multiple versions of the exe/installers.


Exactly! People need to accept the fact that folks can like and use multiple OSes. I have used Kali Linux nicely, and it’s great at what it does. XFCE's UI is minimal and lightweight and perfect for its use case.

I understand that apart from keeping installations light and free from legacy code, security also plays an important role when deciding/working towards backward compatibility.

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