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I think the main reason why live coding streams are not popular is not because of coding, is mainly because some topics are too advanced for people watching and obviously loose interest quickly.

Also the coder personality tends to play a lot, if you are a straight serious coder the stream probably won't do very good. Case in point noopkat streams are very entertaining to me, she makes things fun, and not monotone at all.

Also stream platforms are really not setup at all for coding, well why you ask, because gamers bring the largest revenue.

When I watch a coding stream, I want to see the code editor front and center when coding, and not see the editor when the streamer is explaining things or doing something else other than coding. Also I do not want to see a chat, and preferable when the text editor is shown maybe the streamer on a small corner. Anyways so many youtube videos go on a tangent, and make things very hard to follow. In my personal opinion I don't think I would do a good and interesting stream lol is too much going on chat, people subscribing, asking questions, etc. I am amazed at how well some people manage to stay afloat while streaming, I have a lot of respect for live coding streamers.


Yeah, I think your right.

I mean most of that skills you can learn ;)

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