googler v4.0 is released! (google from the terminal)

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Google recently made some changes to it's layout based on User Agent leading to issues in textual browsers (HN Ref).

googler was affected too! We have made the necessary changes in the parser in to work with the new layout in v4.0 and googler works as usual again.

There are also some improvements to text wrapping, fetching youtube links etc.

googler is a feature-rich Python3 REPL program to google from the terminal. It works seamlessly with GUI and CLI browsers.

Visit the project Wiki to learn how to do fun stuff with googler like:

  • Search error on StackOverflow from terminal
  • Stream YouTube videos on desktop
  • Terminal Reading Mode or Reader View
  • Print content of results to terminal or listen to it
  • Use googler on the iPad

Find v4.0 release notes here.

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