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Difference between bootstrap and twitter bootstrap

Bootstrap is a CSS framework used in front-end applications - that is, in the user interface screen - to develop applications that adapt to any device.

In WordPress, for example, it can be installed as a theme or used to develop plugins or even within them to stylize their functions. The framework's purpose is to offer users a more pleasant experience when browsing a site.

For this reason, it has several resources to configure the styles of the page elements and efficiently and facilitate the construction of pages that, at the same time, are adapted for the web and mobile devices.

The above shows why it is essential to know about a potential structure of this type

What is Bootstrap?
Bootstrap is a CSS framework developed by Twitter in 2010 to standardize business tools.

It was initially called Twitter Blueprint, and soon after, in 2011, it went open source, and its name changed to Bootstrap. It is now updated several times and is already in version 4.4.

The framework combines CSS and JavaScript to style the elements of an HTML page. This does more than change the colour of buttons and links.

It is a tool that offers interactivity on the page. It, therefore, provides several components that facilitate communication with the user, such as navigation menus, page controls, progress bars, etc.
In addition to all the functionalities offered by the framework, its main objective is to create responsive websites for mobile devices.

This means that the pages are designed to work on desktops, tablets and smartphones, in a simple and organized way.

Is There Any Difference Between Bootstrap and Twitter Bootstrap?
No, there is no difference between them. They are the same thing. Twitter Bootstrap is called Bootstrap in short form.

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