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Transfer subscriptions to another youtube account

If you have subscribed to many YouTube channels and now you want to transfer your YouTube subscriptions from one account to another YouTube account, you can follow this tutorial. There is no need to open one channel at a time and subscribe to that from your new account when you can use this free web tool to do it in one go.
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YouTube is the largest video streaming website, and there is no question about that. You can find any video on YouTube, and that is why this website is so popular. You can subscribe to any YouTube channel and get notified when that channel uploads videos.

Suppose you have subscribed to fifty YouTube channels from your Gmail account and now you want to move all subscriptions to a new Gmail account. There are two methods to do it. First, you can open each YouTube channel from your new account and hit the Subscribe button manually. Second, you can use this free Evan Reilly YouTube Subscriptions Importer tool to subscribe to all channels at once from your new account. If the second method sounds interesting to you and you want to use this tool, here is what you can do.

Transfer YouTube subscriptions from one account to another

There are two methods to transfer all YouTube subscriptions from one new account to another at once-

  1. Export subscriptions from previous account
  2. Use the Evan Reilly YouTube Subscriptions Importer tool to import the list To get started, you need to export the subscription list from your old account. To do this, click on visit this page and enter your old YouTube account credentials to manage subscriptions. After logging in, scroll down to the bottom of the page until you get an option called Export Subscriptions.

Download the .xml file containing the list of subscribed YouTube channels.

After downloading the .xml file, you need to visit <a href = & quot; http: //" http: //" onclick = & quot; javascript: (& apos; http: //'); return false; & quot; & gt; this website. This tool will allow you to import all YouTube subscriptions to your new account at once. To get started with this tool, click the Select File button , select the downloaded XML file, and click the Import button .

Now, you need to enter the credentials of your new YouTube account, where you want to import the channel list. After allowing this tool to manage your YouTube account, the import process will finish. You can then manage your list from the new YouTube account. However, if it doesn't matter after allowing you to access your YouTube account, you need to click the Import button again .

Below you will find the list of all subscribed channels on your screen. After doing this, if you want to revoke this web application's access to your YouTube account, you can click the Revoke Access button which should be visible in the lower left corner of the screen.

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