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re: The answer depends heavily on team structure and release process (SDLC), but I'd follow with two questions: Why do you have so many pull requests e...

Absolutely true! Lets work with some hypotheticals:

Q: Why do you have so many pull requests each day?

A: We work with multiple teams on a handful of projects.

Q: Are pull requests considered important by the team?

A: With code quality as a high priority within the company and having a team consisting out of juniors that are working hard on improving their code quality. I would say yes the team currently considers the pull requests as important.

Q: Does each developer recognize that stagnant pull requests are essentially a hindrance to progress?

A: This one is tricky but lets say you have some mixed responses within the team. Some would say the code quality is very important to them but with the deadlines in mind they don't feel like they can afford having to wait on pull requests to be checked for very long. Where others say that they will win time in the end by having pull request to be checked so they won't have to spend time on bugs or unreadable code later on.

How do you look at this situation? And what have you experienced yourself? Do you have a preferred way regardless of the situation?


I agree and we have a similar problem with PR being stagnant with a big bottle neck with hotfixes in the release branch. So it really comes to team work and hold off creating new pull requests if you have some to review yourself

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