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Michael König
Michael König

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How to get into microcontroller programming and electronics

I'd love to learn about microcontroller programming and electronics in general. sadly, I don't have a lot of knowledge on that topic, I don't even know in which direction current flows 🤷🏻‍♂️

are there some resources you can recommend me?
programming in C (and the arduino language) is not a problem; just the electronics part.

thanks for any help in advance!

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Ben Lovy • Edited

Here's a great comprehensive resource: nand2tetris. Also check out the edX MIT offering Circuits and Electronics 1.

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Sara Cron • Edited

I'm interested in getting into microcontroller programming and electronics, and this article has been really helpful in giving me an idea of where to start. I'm especially interested in learning about live transfers, so I'm looking forward to exploring that further.

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I'm curious. How did this go? Did you learn what you wanted? I will be teaching a microcontroller course this Fall and I'm curious about your experience. Thanks!

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