What do you listen When You Code?

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My list

sometimes I use this

What do you listen When you code?


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Typically, the playlists/music from my Spotify Artist profile (and primarily EDM—such as trap and dubstep, in conjunction with hip-hop, rap, and a multitude of artist groups).


Or, sometimes, peace and quiet is also fairly nice.

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Jonathan Ray

For many years I've listened to techno/dubstep while programming. Now I mostly listen to retro video game soundtracks and remixes. I love 8-bit Arcade!

However, I always choose to work outside and listen to nature when it's nice out and the neighbors aren't mowing.

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Antonio Radovcic

For light coding where focus doesn't matter I listen to podcasts.

For more concentrated work:

my list of indie-game-soundtracks




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Luke Secomb

Depends on the day and how much I need to concentrate.

some of my go to spotify playlists:
Deep/Tech House
Heavy Metal
Chill Electronic

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Jacob Boyd

Code radio is awesome, classical is always great, mellow beats playlist on Spotify is great too, and some days nothing is better than good heavy metal!

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Praneet Nadkar

well I have a long list :P. I did not want to paste this somehow, but could not resist. I keep on adding songs to this one, create a playlist and keep it ready before I work

Angie - rolling stones
like a hobo - charlie winston
layla - eric clapton
tears in heaven - eric clapton
paint it black - rolling stones
riders of the storm - jim morrison
jeremy - pearl jam
black - pearl jam
everybody hurts - REM
losing my religion - REM
man on the moon - REM
time of your life - Green Day
cradled in love - poets of the fall
carnival of rust - poets of the fall
everything fades away - poets of the fall
tnt - ac dc
highway to hell - ac dc
thunderstruck - ac dc
fade to black - metallica
november rain - gnr
patience - gnr
sweet child of mine - gnr
stairway to heaven - led zepellin
tangerine - LZ
kashmir - LZ
somehtin like this - coldplay
paradise - coldplay
hymn for the weekend - coldplay
a sky full of stars - coldplay
scientist - coldplay
yellow - coldplay
viva la vida - coldplay
everglow - coldplay
everglow - inxs
suicide blonde - inxs
violet hill - coldplay
fix you - coldplay
sunday bloody sunday - u2
with your without you - U2
stayin alive - the ultimate bee gees
sultan of swing - dire straits
smoke on the water - deep purple
child in time - deep purple
summar 69 - bryan adams
have u ever loved a women - bryan adams
18 till i die - bryan adams
heaven - bryan adams
walk on - deep purple
dream on - aerosmith
dont wanna miss a thiing - aerosmith
sweet emotion - aerosmith
stairway to heaven - led zeppelin
zombie - cranberries
the less i know the better - tame impala
judas priest - pain killer
judas priest - nostradamus
judas priest - lost and found
system of a down - toxicity
system of a down - chop suey
every breath you take - police
toxicity - system of down
chop suey - system of down
tonight i am loving you - enrique
love the way you lie (part II) - eminem
arienna grande - love me harder
amy winehouse - back to black
big balls - ac dc
2 minutes to midnight - iron maiden
fear of the dark - iron maiden
enter sandman - metallica
kansas - dust in the wind
wake me up - green day
21 guns - green day
american idiot - green day
time of your life - green day
eagles - tequilla sunrise
eagles - love will keep us alive
eagles - cant tell you why
send me an angel - scorpions
still loving you - scorpions
queen - radio gaga
queen - we are the champions
closer - chainsmokers
believer - imagine dragons

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Jason Huebel

I have similar listening habits. I like your selection above.

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Mark Del Rosario

I try listening to my surroundings. I like working in cafes/coffee shops/food courts/libraries. There's always something going on around to pay attention to when I need a break.

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Nicholas Stimpson

Ideally, the hum coming from the fan of my computer.

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Daniela Rodríguez Careri

Exactly. Silence. I cannot "hear" my own thinking if there's music :-)

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Pedro Filho

Brazilian funk all day long

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Vicente G. Reyes

I listen to Lowkey Tech on Spotify. It's the only playlist that gets me going and going and going and going. open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF...

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Alva Noto

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Thomas Bnt

Hello ! I listening this :

Chill music is perfect for work or calm.

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Koji (he/him) Author

you mean animation songs?

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No, anime song s