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re: I'll start with the last question: you get efficient by taking care of your body and mind. Apart from the usual "eat well, drink often, exercise, g...

I love your first paragraph. So it’s important to understand the hours when we can get the best of ourselves.
And your days seem very free. I mean the way you organize yourself seems to make you efficiently productive.


It's easy if you are a freelancer (like me) or if you work for a remote first company. It can be harder of you are employed. When I used to be employed I had to start working at 9:30, and it basically meant my employer was paying me for a few very unproductive hours.

And I don't have kids, that's also important.

I see. Actually I am studying and it’s difficult to focus on the skills I want to increase with school projects and going to school to 8am to 7pm.
However, freelance seems interesting after graduation.

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