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Discussion on: Good Linux distros for new users.

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Koray Biçer

Unfortunately latest ubuntu lts 20.04 does not go well for developers because of it's python crashing issue and it's not easy to fix. It may not seem a proper suggestion but I strongly recommend arch linux for developing envoriment. I never experienced such trouble on arch linux. It's always stable if you know what you doing.

Using arch linux was hard but it's an ancient story now. After all they are all come up with same graphical interface (i prefer openbox but xfce is more suitable for newcomers) so it would not be hard to switch to arch linux from ubuntu. Use pacman instead of apt, that's all.

There are many ready-to-deploy arch linux based distros out there and most of them are stable. I recommend "ArchLabs" which provides great themes and full xfce installation.