How to update my blog made with Hugo

koraylinux profile image Koray Biçer ・1 min read

Hi folks!

The question is, what is the most convenient way to update my diary made by Hugo static website creator?

This is what i did:

  • I followed the steps, created a blog, copied all necessary files from themes in to my blog's root folder.
  • I created new pages with command hugo new posts/sample.md
  • When i finish editing the pages, i issue command hugo and create the public directory and uploaded to github.

Am i doing everything correctly? Should i issue command hugo every time i create a new web page?


Editor guide

Hello Koray. I am using this script to update my blog hosted on GitHub Pages.


Thanks for the info :)


Yeah, that sounds about right. The docs have a script that you can write to make it simpler each time: gohugo.io/hosting-and-deployment/h...