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Monero Paper Wallet

koraylinux profile image Koray Biçer ・1 min read

I am pleased to inform you that monero has been added to our online paper wallet generator :)

Simply visit holdmywallet.com and try our brand new monero wallet generator.


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Next, Cardano (ADA) will join in to our system.

Sloan, the sloth mascot Comment marked as low quality/non-constructive by the community View code of conduct

Sir, if you admit you're not a coder, why would you put people at risk, especially with crypto-currencies using your software? So who did designed the system and its security?

  1. You're not a coder (you said that clear many times)
  2. You didn't perform any security tests (you said I can do it myself, thnx)
  3. You are actively encouraging people to be guinea pigs for your project

Why would anyone trust it or use it?

Would you fly a plane designed by some people proud to be non-engineers?

I doubt it.


Your comments are now destructive and you are using the platform maliciously. You have bad intentions. You targeted me for criticizing your software. I reported you.