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I agree on the information grouping Peter suggested. Recruiters spend just seconds scanning CVs so clear display of your skills and experience is crucial.

I would also like to add that, since you mention in your homepage that you are learning about UX, maybe try to implement what you have learned on your CV. It's nice that you stick with the "backend" style but the combination of font, font-size and grouping makes it difficult to extract information fast. Preserve your style but focus on presentation and readability!

Keep it up with the projects! Hands-on experience is important and appreciated!


So basically, the "plaintext" look, but with a tad of HTML for titles and important labels?


Sure that could work!

Or maybe like a nice GitHub page? Good backend developers always have very readable documentation on APIs for example. This way you can use markdown to highlight and categorize

I guess the HTML version could match what you were trying to propose?

Note that the txt version is made to be sent over e-mail, directly embedded as text message.

Yes that looks much better!

Try combining that with any new UX concepts you are learning about plus the suggested grouping.

Totally agree with @Kostas.
Also add links to the git repo, and make sure that each project is well documented and have clean code, even if is not a very complicated project. There is a good article here about how to make readme files.

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