re: Setting up tests in GitLab CI for Django project with Docker Engine VIEW POST


We are not using docker in production, so we do not build docker images during CI builds.
We build docker image manually, that will be used to run pipeline.

First project that we moved to gitlab + gitlab runner has 131 pipelines now. Not a single delay or any other kind of problems with it.

For now, I am completely satisfied with this setup.
Only one thing – we'll be moving to self-hosted gitlab soon, because cloud service(free) is not stable enough. Every time they deploy new version, our work is being interrupted. At least we were not in a need of ASAP critical production deployments, or our clients/customers/visitors/users would have to wait until GitLab goes out of 500/502/504 states.

Anyway, i am writing down notes about GitLab usage experience, and have some ideas what to improve. In several month there might be enough notes to publish another article.

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