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I'm sorry that my comment came out as much more harsh and rude than I had intended. I get unnecessarily emotional about this because sleep is a complex topic that's very much different for every person out there, yet a lot of self-help guides generalize inappropriately. My sincere apologies.

Hopefully this clarifies my intentions.

Your intentions were clear, and I very much appreciate people sharing their struggles and personal experiences on their path to betterment. That was not what I took offence at, it was merely the paragraph I quoted:

If you feel like this is not for you, because I know I felt that way for a long time, most surely you didn’t fully commit to this lifestyle change for long enough.

I absolutely believe you when you say that it worked for you. I'm also aware that this can work for a lot of people, because their circadian rhythm is set to waking up early instead of sleeping in, they just haven't tried it yet. But if this isn't working for someone, the likelihood of it being because they didn't fully commit to the lifestyle in question is much lower than the likelihood of them being a different chronotype.

Thanks for the quote on the water part, I really think people often don't realise the importance of it. Also, thanks for the link to Uberman, I didn't know there was such a thing like sleep patterns. While I'm not particularly interested in Uberman, I'm happy to read more on polyphasic sleep.

I was actually using Uberman as a joke, if you decide to read on polyphasic sleep please ignore those extreme ideas. They are outright harmful.

Again, thank you for sharing your experiences & I'm sorry that I was unnecessarily harsh.

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Radu Dascalu Author

Hey - no worry about your comment, I'm happy you pointed it out and I believe it's my poor wording that made it come across in a strange way. I'm looking to edit that part and am open to your suggestions.

Regarding the Uberman part, it just sparked my curiosity on polyphasic sleep. It's a new topic for me and I want to get more informed, that is all. Eventually, maybe I'll decide to try a sleep pattern but if I do so, I will pick something more achievable for me 🙂