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As someone trying to learn Programming (C++ gang where you at?), it's not the easiest being a tech geek in Arkansas. I'd never think I'd meet another dev in this state, but nonetheless 42! I hope Java is doing good for you, but dont get stuck in 'learning the language'. Make sure you understand computer science methodology. Once you know how stuff works, making it work in a new language is a small task. This post also inspired me to keep fighting to learn! Love from Ark!


It is definitely not easy being a nerd in Arkansas, lol. Most of the dev community seems focused around Fayetteville/Little Rock, but of course I live in a smallish town (Mountain Home, was in an even smaller one a couple months ago). Learning Java has been a ton of fun so far, and it's really sticking thanks to all the practice I'm getting. Awesome to hear from another Arkansan.

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