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The way I see bootcamped courses, such as Derek Banas' courses on YouTube, is that they're meant for reference. They aren't projects, but they're enough information to go back and see "what's ?". If you want to test your skill, and better yet learn from it, check out Advent Of Code (adventofcode.com). They're really complicated but really fun.
Also, from my attempts to learn Game Development, they're always projects and never actual Game Theory. This peeves me, because I'm sure I can figure out how to make a character move, but teach me vector math not your way of moving.


I hadn't heard of advent of code, I'll be sure to check it out. I definitely agree that the "bootcamp" courses tend to be more for reference, but they don't advertise as such and so are misleading. Some of the ones I've purchased are made by people who say they have taught actual bootcamps, so I was expecting more of a school/college type of experience with extra practice. The last few courses I've purchased (minus the Java one I'm really happy about) ive returned.

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