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Hi! I'm Kristen, I am a non-technical employee at a software startup in Austin. Currently trying to learn some basic web development, starting with HTML and CSS, while getting more comfortable with Git & VSCode. The hardest part right now is balancing the screen time I have to have (working, paying bills online, video chatting with family) vs screen time I want to have (learning, exploring, tinkering, creating). Sometimes, after a day of literally just looking and typing, I'm as tired as I was when I did manual labor.


I know that feeling! Good luck on the learning. You'll pick up a lot just by hanging around DEV, even if a lot of it goes over your head.

I'm years and years into my career and still don't think I'm all that good at git. So sounds like you're making progress.


Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement! I'm going to need it.


I totally get the feeling!

I'd love to stay longer hours at my computer trying out new things or taking on small side projects but after a full day of working on the computer the last thing I want to do is continue working.

Something that has helped a bit with the reading/learning is to use a secondary device like a tablet, that way I continue with a bit more screen time without feeling I am still working.

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