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I continue to be baffled.

I just don't see Ruby's usage growing, I would be surprised if they were not shrinking, and that is from a Worldwide perspective. The only places it is continued to be used is mainly US / Japan and UK. And I did argue even in those places the jobs are shrinking as well. They are mostly looking for senior developers to pick up the mess they started with Rails. Statistically Ruby is ~90% Rails, with the rest spilt between Chef, Other Web Framework, and Security uses. All the Ruby Jobs in South Korea, China, Taiwan, India are mostly gone. DHH is right about developers being expensive and Server is comparatively cheap, but where in other parts of the world you can hire a whole team of dev with the same budget of one in Silicon Valley. ( Ok the quality aren't the same but you get the idea. )

Ruby and Rails as community needs to grow. I recently had a conversation with a Ruby developers in China, he said the love of Ruby does not feed you. At the end of the day you need companies willing to use and trust Ruby, more demand, and hopefully more supply. He is now doing Python and Java at work. Enterprise that originally used Ruby are also considering moving away. And that is a worrying sign. Just like the economy, you don't see the collapse until it happens. It just wish we could do something before it is too late.

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